Work-Life Balance Wellness Plan for 2007

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This is the time that organizations and individuals construct their plans to create a healthy work-life balance plan to increase wellness and energy for the coming year.

The Human Performance Institute is providing a free five-minute test, the a Full Engagement Free Profile, to help individuals access their energy and engagement challenges and provide steps to meet and improve their goals.

"We get energy for sustained performance when we manage our energy resources effectively," says Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jim Loehr of the Human Performance Institute. Loehr is also the co-author of "The Power of Full Engagement".

"It's a process that's not always intuitive, but it can be learned and practiced through awareness and positive energy rituals," he continues on the subject, speaking from his 30-year experience in the field of performance psychology. His work has revealed that most people have a poor awareness of how they manage their energy resources. "The first step for many individuals is to face the truth about their current energy management habits."

The two-page Free Profile report provides a snapshot of spiritual, mental and physical energy, rest and recovery and overall engagement in both life and work. A longer version of the assessment offers in-depth analysis of management of personal energy and the Full Engagement Profiles form a key component in the "Facing the Truth" module in the Human Performance Institute's Energy for Performance T training programs, as well as a good resource for any individual when used on its own.

Over 120,000 people have completed the Free Profile and Self Profile which has been offered since March 2003 and can be viewed at . The site also offers the Self Profile for sale to the public for the first time.

The Institute provides energy and engagement solutions for organizations from their Orlando, Florida, headquarters.


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