When Was Your Last Humor Audit? Tax Time Tee-Hee

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By Karen Susman

In this wild and crazy world, it is almost comforting to know that you will once again audit all the receipts you have stuffed into grocery bags. You will be asking yourself pertinent questions such as, "Can I deduct hours spent watching Dr. Phil as a medical expense?"

When was the last time you asked yourself, "Am I having any fun yet?" If your response was, "Get serious," believe me, this is. Your health, productivity and relationship bottom lines depend on the results of your humor audit.

Don't Defer Humor, Fun, Laughter and Play

Maybe you are waiting to laugh until you are happy. Actually, if you laugh, you will feel happy. Perhaps you think you must have something funny to declare before you can legally laugh. Listen for laughter in conversations around you. Chortles and snorts are often sprinkled throughout a conversation for no apparent reason. Possibly you think you must be funny to have fun. Wrong again. For capital gains in the humor zone, consciously seek the lighter, zanier, absurd side of life.

Review Your Assets

Sit down or stand up and review one of your most valuable assets, your joy list. Itemize everything that brings you joy. Walking your dog, your dog walking you, jumping in crunchy autumn leaves, eating a peach so juicy it drips down your arm, finding one more deduction. Lengthen your list.

Add Up Your Credits

Kick your awareness up to the next bracket. Scan near and far for humor, fun, laughter and play opportunities. Get a kick out of your pet's antics. If there is a circus in town, go. Keep track of absurd events. Note amusing quotes. Movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn was renowned for his flaky remarks. When asked by his secretary if she could destroy some old files, he said, "Go ahead. But make copies of them first." (For those of you who think this makes perfect sense, read the next article on organizing clutter.)

Claim Exemptions

Inner-Self Magazine showed up in the cross hairs of a search engine seeking comic sites. Marie Russell, a funny writer, explored‚ "cosmic income tax." She pondered the possibility of claiming her inner child as a dependent. She sought advice on the tax advantages of being co-dependent. Should multiple personalities fill out a special form(s)? Can consulting with your higher power be claimed under business expenses?

Wise Items To Withhold

Withhold your tendency to complain judge and pursue the cloud surrounding every silver lining. Deduct the practice of regaling your co-workers with gory tales of illness, surgeries, abscesses and near-miss (near-hit?) car crashes.

The Bottom Line

Here is the good news. Your financial audit may show your taxes will be lower this year because you have less to tax. While your financial audit might come up lacking, don't neglect your humor audit. Get started today on the road to joy solvency.

Karen Susman brings humor, fun, laughter and play to organizations, associations, conferences and her accountant. Order her guidebook, 55 Ways To Improve Your Laugh Life: How To Have More Fun At Work at www.karensusman.com. It is perfect for the laughlorn. At just $5 it is much cheaper than therapy. Contact Karen at 1-888-678-8818 or [email protected]

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