Whatever Happened to Paul Dunn?

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Paul Dunn and Desley, his partner of 20 years.Paul Dunn founded Results Accountants Systems and the Accountants' Boot Camp process in 1992 in Australia. RAS quickly gained a huge reputation of offering innovative, results-producing training, due in no small part by Mr. Dunn's innovative leadership.

But recently, Paul Dunn, the charismatic and energetic founder of RAS, has all but disappeared from the accounting profession's radar screen. AccountingWEB recently caught up with Paul at his home in Provence, France, to answer the question, "Whatever happened to Paul Dunn?"

AccountingWEB: Paul, you've been such an icon in the profession for a number of years, it seems that you've disappeared off the scene. Where have you been recently?

Paul Dunn: Well, as you know I've spent the last nine years building Results Accountants Systems and the Accountants Boot Camp process. I have recently sold my interests in the company, and as part of the arrangement had agreed not to write or contact RAS members as a result of the sale, which saddens me. Relationships are what business is about. It's such a pity I wasn't able to say goodbye and thank you for such a fantastic journey. But that's how the organization wanted it.

AW: Why did you decide to leave RAS at this time?

PD: There were primarily three reasons for leaving. First, it was important for RAS to have less of a dependency on me for the long-term future of the company. Second, I'm an innovator and when you grow a company to one of our size, innovation just doesn't happen quite as quickly as it used to. And third, and most importantly, I'm fulfilling a long held desire to spend more time in my "adopted" country, France!

AW: So, what are you going to do now?

PD: For perhaps the first time in my business life I'm able to operate without being consumed by what I'm doing. It means I can invest some time writing 3 books — one on the profession, another on speaking and another on the "fun" of buying a home in France. I am still doing some consulting, some coaching and, of course, do some speaking which still remains a huge passion for me.

'My grapes in France and my time with Desley are hugely attractive to me right now.'AW: We're sure that you have plenty of leads, right?

PD: Well yes, a lot of people are in touch with me. There is absolutely nothing I'm chasing and there are some attractive offers right now that are quite tempting. But I'm not rushing into things. My grapes in France and my time with Desley (Dunn's partner of 20 years) are hugely attractive to me right now. Have a look at www.mascamphoux.com and you'll see why.

AW: Is there anything you would like to say to clients and others that have come to know you over the years?

PD: Of course I miss the fun and challenge of being with them every day. We achieved such great things. I will say that life post-RAS is great, thank you. Most importantly, I would very much like to say ‘thank you' for such a fantastic ride to everyone I've touched and everyone who has touched me. I had such a good time. And let me encourage everyone, as I have done often throughout the years, to enjoy the excitement of the adventure!

Paul Dunn can be reached at his home in France at [email protected].

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