Unleashing the Ideavirus

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Seth Godin, author of Permission Marketing has done it again. He has written Unleashing the Ideavirus and once again shares his intuitive thoughts about getting your idea out without interrupting your potential clients and forcing them to slog through the mire in an effort to get to your message.

How does he recommend you get your ideas across without going door to door? Easy! You let the consumer do it for you. Present your idea in an easy-to-access way and make it free. Voila! You've just made it easy for people to spread the word around for you.

Before you run out and buy the book, stop right where you are. You can go to Unleashing the Ideavirus and download the book for free. How can he be reaping any benefits by giving his book away for free? Godin practices what he preaches and offers the book for free because he knows that if you are happy with it, you're going to start spreading the word around. It's the Ideavirus technique.

His marketing effort is minimal because he's got the consumer doing it for him. It's also quicker because chances are you're telling people who really need this information as opposed to hitting the masses over and over again hoping that the few you're aiming at will be interested enough to pick up the ball and run with it.

While these aren't necessarily new ideas, Godin presents them in such a way that you just may find yourself feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle your outdated marketing tactics and give them a facelift.

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