Trent Kaeslin

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Trent Kaeslin
Trent Kaeslin
Practice Development Consultant
Results Accountants's Systems

I was born and raised in Stockton, CA. For those of you who don't know the location of Stockton, it is in Northern California. I attended private school, since I needed intense close supervision, as my parents so eloquently put it to me. I think it was merely my adventuresome spirit.

After high school, I chose to go to a quaint college in the Napa Valley, Pacific Union College, where I received my degree in business with an emphasis in management. Off to the real world I thought.

At this point I was involved in a high tech startup manufacturing company. The opportunities were virtually endless, as they usually are with startups. I was able to move through several departments with increasing responsibility. I was able to set up warehousing systems; this included the computer tracking system, bin locations, cycle counting and several other key warehouse processes. As Scheduling Supervisor, after a very short time of going crazy trying to track several hundred orders, I was able to set up manual and computerized tracking systems.

Shift Manager was my final adventure. I thought I had arrived. I was responsible for six departments and over 100 people, mostly engineers. At this point, the implementation and monitoring of systems and procedures were key factors to success. A major asset to this end was the ISO 9000 certification that I was able to assist in writing and help implement.

During my chaotic workweek, I managed to include night school at the University of the Pacific where I earning my MBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. My focus was on business startup; financing and structure. After four years of manufacturing and a MBA under my belt, it was time to enter a career where I could grow and use my knowledge, I joined the Results team.

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