Tips for Prioritizing

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Is your life moving at the speed of light? Does it feel like it? It can. When prioritizing tasks feels suffocating, It's time to look outside for help. Use these guidelines to go forward toward your goals instead of running away from them.

Is what you are doing important or urgent? Just knowing the difference can help. Important means something needs to be done. Urgent, on the other hand, means the item must be done.

What will happen if you don't do the item today? So many people have unrealistic expectations for themselves. They think they can do everything for everyone (think Wonder Woman complex). You may think everything has to be done today, but if it isn't, what's the worst thing that will happen?

If you postpone one task, how will it affect other things your are working on or other people? Unfinished projects can have a domino effect. Ensure that what you decide to leave on the table for the day affects you or projects where you have control on the entire scope of production only.

Will the item help you achieve a personal or professional goal? Goals are important for personal motivation. Make time for those items that will help you realize your goals.

Focus on quality, not quantity. When you look back at what you've accomplished during the day, it may feel good to cross several small items off the list, but if a large issue is looming over your head, the bliss could be short lived. Use these guidelines to do what should be done first.

How will the item increase your income, productivity and sales? Some people are experts at giving the appearance of being busy. If the task only serves to keep you busy, it's not a top priority. Do something today that matters.

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