The Value of a Minute

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Tax time can leave many people, both accountants and taxpayers, feeling overwhelmed. For a quick break and to put life into perspective, visit This short movie was developed by Tracy Piercy, CFP, for those facing financial challenges, but at this time of year it serves as a great reminder, for anyone needing a reminder, of what it is that is really precious in life.

For the curious, providing a name and email address in the form at the end of the movie signs you up for MoneyMinding's ongoing email financial management tips and strategies. The first thing sent is a 12-page e-book called Simple Steps to Financial Success. It is a very easy to read little book, offering fast, actionable tips to help readers get their financial house in order and achieving their dreams. The MoneyMinding site also offers books that may be useful in educating clients on financial matters and helping them to change their spending patterns.

Many people stay in the same spending patterns because they are afraid to make the wrong decision. They also seem afraid to ask for help. So they put off making decisions until the situation is dire and they have no time to get professional advice. The MoneyMinding method empowers users, as well as educating them and sharing wealth creation strategies with them.

With the income tax filing deadline fast approaching, stress is peaking for many. Piercy suggests taking a moment to remember the important things in life…and the value of a minute.

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