The Unqualified Opinion: Lieutenant Dangle Costume at Office Party

Oct 31st 2014

After watching a rerun of the racy Comedy Central sitcom "Reno 911!" late Monday night, Bill Menow, the newest partner of Behr & Freys LLP, decided it would be a good idea to wear a Lieutenant Dangle costume (see photo) to this year's office Halloween party.

"I don't watch the show that regularly, but I was waiting for a set of financial statements to review, and realized 'that's it! I have to be Lieutenant Dangle!'" Online, Menow was able to find a costume complete with daisy dukes, unbuttoned shirt, and mirror sunglasses. He ordered a size down to be sure the costume's skin-tight effect wouldn't be lost.

Menow joined Behr & Freys two years ago as an experienced senior manager, and was promoted to partner earlier this year. He felt that wearing this costume would show the younger staff members just how fun he could be, which he read in a recent accounting industry survey is the best way to connect with the new generation of millennials.

Upon hearing the news that Menow would be dressing as Lt. Dangle, senior associate Beck Swenson reported feeling decidedly uneasy. "It seems really inappropriate, even more so than the clubbing outfits that [new associate] Jenna wears just about every day. As an upcoming leader in this firm, I look to the partners for how to act, is this the type of example I should follow?"

HR Director Nancy Bobinson was spotted in her office editing the employee manual to specifically incorporate a policy on appropriate costumes for the Halloween party. "It's sad that we're entrenched as a rules-based organization and not yet embracing principles-based guidelines. He should really know that this is probably inappropriate, especially as a partner." She paused. "Then again it's not as bad as when Harry [Cheatum, former managing partner] dressed as Cat Woman…"

About the author:

The Unqualified Opinion is written byKristen Rampe, a licensed CPA who loves few things more than joking around with the industry she serves. When not busy devising the latest faux-news-headlines, Kristen provides consulting and customized, in-house CPE to professional service firms in the areas of client service, communication and team building. Check out her occasionally irreverent blog for great ideas on how to improve your practice.


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