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‘Tis the season to be jolly! Once a year gifts can send a nice message to clients. They simply say, “We appreciate you and your business.” So, what should you send?

You could send a card that is designed especially for you. The cost for this is minimal for design and the printing costs often are less than buying a commercial holiday card. Want to add a little something to your card? Make a donation on behalf of your clients and let them know the receiving organization in your card.

There's a hot debate in the world of marketing about whether you should send a holiday gift that can go on a shelf that proudly displays your name or if you should send something less permanent (read: food). I approach this subject by asking why I'm sending this gift. Is it to truly thank our clients? Or is it to advertise for our firm? I choose to send a gourmet food item each year and ensure that the presentation is beautiful and complete with a personally signed holiday card from that client's firm advisor. I think this type of gift says, “You are important.”

Don't think holiday gifts have to be expensive. I've found cakes, cookies, candies, and nuts in various sizes and price ranges. With shipping included, you can send a gift for as low as $15. The key is to do your homework. There are a lot of gourmet shops that are small and very affordable. And they are happy to send you samples! If you don't want to do the research yourself, it can cost you. Cakes Online will contract with local bakeries for you, but a carrot cake will cost you $45. Ouch!

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