Ten People Management Tips

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  1. Create ExpectationsTell people up front what is expected of them.
  2. Set a Stretch ChallengeMake people grow and coach them along the way.
  3. Never move too slowly on critical personnel decisionsDragging your feet here will really hurt your business.
  4. Involve people in both DEVELOPING and IMPLEMENTING strategyToo much tops down brings the top down.
  5. Call a Spade a SpadeAddress poor performance or it'll cost you -- BIG.
  6. Reward your stars!Pay good performers what they're worth, and it will be returned to you tenfold.
  7. Get the Right Person for the jobDefine the job and find the person who can do it rather than redefining the job to fit the capabilities of the incumbent.
  8. Require that People do Their HomeworkWhen people are not prepared for meetings, the company is not prepared to make decisions. Stop the presses!
  9. Constantly Upgrade SkillsProvide continuous training to keep people at their best.
  10. Recognize That Pride Drives Performance More Than MoneyComplement people for a job well done.


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