Why Time’s Up on Sharing Data Electronically

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Whether it was a credit card number, a client’s balance sheet, personal information or even a password, everyone’s made the mistake of emailing or texting this data.

The good news is that in most (not all) cases this kind of lapse in judgment hasn’t led to some catastrophic ending. Most of the time, luckily, that account or social security number ended up in the hands of the person we intended and not in the hands of a criminal or a dark-web middle man. The bad news is that your luck will run out if you or your clients continue this activity.

The tools used to peer into your email, intercept your text messages and attach themselves to your servers or even to monitor your every keystroke are evolving faster than the technologies used to stop them. In short, we’ve been rolling the dice on security long enough and it’s time to squash the habit of using insecure means to share client information. Here's why...

1. Phishing is everywhere

Email is probably the worst means for sharing important information mainly because of phishing. Phishing occurs when a perpetrator impersonates a trusted email sender in an attempt to get the recipient to click a bad link.

These emails often look identical to the emails you get from your bank or social network. And the links can do all kinds of horrible things, like installing malware or ransomware on your computer without your knowledge or taking you to a page that looks identical to your bank’s login page, but is really designed to steal your username and password. When you use email to share financial information, you are volunteering that information into a system that is frighteningly easy to compromise.

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Dave Martin

Dave Martin is Vice President of Marketing at VeriFyle, a provider of secure messaging and file sharing solutions. He oversees corporate communications, brand strategy, website and customer acquisition.


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