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Why Firms Should Consider a Digital Transformation


The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we do business, and accounting firms are no exception. To continue to thrive in this new business environment, firms must use technology wisely to enhance the digital client experience and manage resource constraints to improve efficiency.

Feb 16th 2022
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The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we do business in no time at all.

Even before 2020, there was a discernible shift in buyers’ behaviors. Gone were the days when relationships alone drove the decision to sign with a firm. Now, B2B buyers conduct extensive online research before reaching out to a company.

The most agile firms have responded by transforming their operations with advanced digital technologies that empowered them to survive – and thrive – in the new business environment.

Now, accounting firms no longer wonder if they should use digital business techniques, but how to do it well.

Hinge Research Institute surveyed business executives from six core professional service fields, including accounting, to understand how they approached this new dynamic. In this article, we’ll share what a digital transformation is and what you should do before starting the journey.

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By Alison Ball
Mar 14th 2022 13:47 EDT

Thanks for opening up this topic Lee! Your advice is spot on and I can attest that we've seen amazing results with firms that have adopted the Client Experience 2.0 model, using Liscio as their digital front office software. Most solutions today focus on making the actual accounting, or tax work faster. And that's been a good thing because it allows each practitioner to do more work, faster, and more accurately. But a big miss has been that you can't do that work fast, if you don't have what you need from your clients. So this is where a top-notch digital front office solution (like Liscio) can really help. If you give your clients a solution that is mobile-enabled, includes a built-in mobile scanner, and allows your team to see all messages, tasks, documents and signatures associated with a client, separated by engagement(s) for that client, all boats rise. Clients respond quicker, are happier and more satisfied with the firm's services, and staff move faster too. Everyone wins!

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