Want to Buy a Town? Just go to E-Bay...

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It is true that you can buy just about anything on the Internet these days. Just ask Elizabeth Lapple, the owner of the tiny town of Bridgeville, California, who is auctioning off the town on E-Bay.

Ms. Lapple put the town on the auction block back on November 27, but until Christmas day it failed to reach the minimum bid of $800,000. But Christmas Day brought good cheer when the bidding started getting very heavy, and burst past the $800,000 price tag. As of press time (7:00am EST December 26) the price has been driven up to over $1.6 million, and is climbing.

The E-Bay description boasts the following:

"Bridgeville offers many opportunities. It can be a private retreat, basking in the glory of the redwoods, with enough acreage and control to maintain your privacy. Or, with the proper development, Bridgeville can become an economic power house with the potential for generating a large cash flow. It may, in some instances, be able to function as a remarkable tax shelter, check with your accountant."

Bidding ends Friday December 27 at 1pm EST.


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