Toward A Financially Fit Ohio

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Last Thursday, the Ohio Society of CPAs launched a campaign to help Ohioans make better and more informed decisions about their personal finances.

“Ohioan today face a growing list of personal financial challenges,” Janice L. Culver, CPA, chair of the Ohio Society's Executive Board, during the Financial Fitness Ohio kick-off at the Athletic Club of Columbus.

Culver called on her professional colleagues to take a leadership role in educating Ohions about the need to take control of their financial destiny.

“CPA volunteers from among the Society's nearly 24,000 members are at the heart of the Financial Fitness Ohio,” Culver continued. “CPAs will apply their financial skills and business knowledge to help Ohioans become financially fit.”

CPAs provide expert advice to millions of Ohioans each year by helping them maximize their financial potential through a full range of financial services. Yet a recent survey indicates that more than 88 percent of Ohio CPAs believe financial literacy was a problem for Ohioans, ranking credit management, saving for retirement and budgeting as the top three topics Ohioans could benefit from in financial literacy education. In addition, almost 90 percent of CPAs responding felt that personal financial education should be required course of study in Ohio's public high school curriculums.

“These survey responses underscore the need and desire of our members to become involved in financial literacy efforts. In fact, 75 percent believe that it is important for CPAs to advance financial literacy efforts in Ohio,” Culver stated.

“Educating Ohioans to be financially fit is a life-long process. Each life stage requires a new set of decisions, a new understanding of financial terms and a new response to unexpected challenges,” Ohio Society President and Chief Executive Officer J. Clarke Price, CAE, said. “The goal of the campaign is to help improve the financial fitness of Ohioans at all economic levels and in many segments of the population. Recognizing that financial literacy is a vast problem, we are identifying ways to collaborate with other organizations to maximize resources and outreach. We believe this is the ideal way to benefit communities across Ohio.”

Indeed, the initial steps of Financial Fitness Ohio are allies with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' (AICPA) “360 Degrees of Financial Literacy” campaign.

More tips and tools on personal financial management matters, as well as more information about Financial Fitness Ohio programs can be found online at

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