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AccountingWEB has compiled a list of the top selling books over the last year on our site. Browse this selection below to see if you need to add any of the reading materials to your library? Note: The books are not listed in any particular order.

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First Among Equals: How to Manage a Group of Professionals, by Patrick McKenna & David Maister

McKenna and Maister reveal that to succeed in managing professionals, "you need a special set of skills: the ability to influence other people's emotions, feelings, attitudes, and their determination." In addition, they say that such managers must be willing to get most of their fulfillment from the success of others. Explaining why great managers of professionals are scarce, they say: "One of the tragedies of professional life is that throughout our schooling we are taught to focus on the logical, the rational, and the analytical. Nowhere along the way does anyone emphasize the importance of social, interpersonal, and emotional skills in determining our success in professional life. Then the day arrives when we make a terrifying discovery: The world is filled with people!"

First Among Equals is an illuminating "play-book" for group leaders, emphasizing that such leaders must be skilled in both the nitty-gritty mechanics of managing groups and the more deeply emotional and motivational aspects of leadership.

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The Financial Numbers Game: Detecting Creative Accounting Practices, by Charles W. Mulford & Eugene E. Comiskey

The Financial Numbers Game presents an expert analysis of creative accounting procedures, as well as: Real-world examples of aggressive and fraudulent financial reports; What signs to look for in detecting earnings manipulation; Ready-made checklists for detecting accounting misdeeds; Advice from such experts as analysts, CFOs, and CPAs; Help for anyone interested in understanding true financial performance. The Financial Numbers Game offers all users of financial statements a comprehensive resource for understanding, detecting, and avoiding the vast assortment of creative accounting techniques found in practice today. "So much for the notion ‘those who can, do–those who can't, teach.' Mulford and Comiskey function successfully both as college professors and real-world financial mercenaries. These guys know their balance sheets. The Financial Numbers Game should serve as a survival manual for both serious individual investors and industry pros who study and act upon the interpretation of financial statements. This unique blend of battle-earned scholarship and quality writing is a must-read/must-have reference for serious financial statement analysis."

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Creating Rainmakers: The Manager's Guide To Training Professionals To Attract New Clients, by Ford Harding

Based on over 100 interviews with principals in professional firms, including many of today's preeminent rainmakers, Creating Rainmakers shows readers how to turn a professional staff into a powerful team of sales winners. The book cover generating leads, building a strong network of contacts, mastering a variety of sales techniques, and plenty more.

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Rain Making: The Professional's Guide to Attracting New Clients, by Ford Harding

If you're someone to whom networking comes easily or have extensive experience in attracting new clients, some of this material may not be new to you. However, if you're not that comfortable with finding new clients and you're looking for a system flexible enough to accommodate different approaches, this is an extremely useful book. Harding is obviously an intelligent guy. The book is full of concrete, understated advice that you can actually put into practice---not hyped-up sales talk.

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Clients for Life, Jagdish N. Sheth, Andrew Sobel More than 15 million people in this country earn their livings by serving clients, and their numbers are growing every day. Unfortunately, far too few develop the skills and strategies needed to rise to the top in a world where clients have almost unlimited access to information and expertise. Supported by more than one hundred case studies and wisdom gleaned from interviews with dozens of leading CEOs and prominent business advisors, Clients for Life identifies what clients really want and lays out the core qualities that distinguish the client advisor -- an irreplaceable resource -- from the expert for hire -- a tradable commodity.
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Managing The Professional Service Firm, by David H. Maister

David Maister explores issues ranging from marketing and business development to multinational strategies, human resources policies to profit improvement, strategic planning to effective leadership. While these issues can be complex, Maister simplifies them by recognizing that "every professional service firm in the world, regardless of size, specific profession, or country of operation, has the same mission statement: outstanding service to clients, satisfying careers for its people, and financial success for its owners."

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Strategic Management of Professional Service Firms , by Bente Lwendahl

While most management books focus on industrial companies, this book deals with firms selling professional services to other firms or institutions. Professional service firms play an increasingly important role in the value creation of today's business as well as public sector organizations. The number of firms is increasing rapidly, and their growth in terms of number of professionals employed is amazing. Strategic management is crucial for the successful development of such firms, but requires a different frame of mind from that of the industrial corporation. This book describes in detail the driving forces behind the challenges involved in management of a professional service firm.

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The I Hate Selling Book: Business-Building Advice for Consultants, Accountants, and Other Professionals, by Allan Boress

Designed for the many consultants and service professionals who cannot stand selling, this guide supplies a step-by-step proven approach for maintaining and growing a business--even after raising fees. Boress, a nationally-known speaker and business development expert, shows how to listen to potential clients, ask questions, evaluate answers, avoid fatal mistakes, and maintain contact and control in the sales situation.

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Value-Based Fees: How to Charge And Get What You're Worth by Alan Weiss, PhD

Alan Weiss' book on value-based fees is a must for anyone who wants to have a successful consulting practice and live and retire to tell about it. While his advice is invaluable to both experienced or new consultant alike, the book brings a practicality and a simple series of examples, worksteps and checklists to make it real.

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Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships, The Future of Professional Services, by Ross Dawson

Over 50 case studies of excellent and innovative practice from leading firms such as, Ernst & Young, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, McKinsey & Co., J.P. Morgan's Riskmetrics Group, and DDB Worldwide Communications Group. In this groundbreaking book, Dawson uses professional service firms in industries such as consulting, investment banking, law, and advertising as a model for all knowledge organizations to develop intimate and profitable knowledge-based realationships with their clients. A wealth of case studies of leading practice are used to illustrate detailed advice on implementation of these principles.

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How To Maximize Fees In Professional Service Firms, by Alan Weiss

If you are an entrepreneur running a personal services firm (consulting, speaking, training, design, real estate, etc.) use this booklet to dramatically raise fees. Most entrepreneurs do not charge what they are worth!

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The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable by Patrick M. Lencioni

Imagine running into the ultimate management mentor late one night on an otherwise deserted commuter train, and walking away from the strange encounter with an encapsulated guide to success in the corporate world. That's exactly what screenwriter and business coach Patrick Lencioni has done in The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable, placing his tale in an easy-reading and thought-provoking kind of self-help novel.


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