The Science Behind Snap Decisions

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Sometimes you just know things. But did you know that at those times your unconscious is really processing hundreds, thousands, even millions of pieces of information without your being aware of it? Blink the new book by Malcolm Gladwell, explores how we make intuitive decisions and how anyone can hone the skill into valuable tool for business and life.

Blink is in many ways a book about psychology. As with most psychology books, the more you read the more symptoms described in the book you find in yourself. Unlike more traditional psychology texts, Blink offers suggestions and recommendations on how to use the symptoms you've identified.

The greatest thing about this book, other than the fact that the hard cover fit in my purse on a trip, is that as your read it you can see yourself in many if not all the situations used as case studies. This gives you a huge advantage when it comes to implementing the advice. It also goes a long way to improving the quality of your unconscious decisions.

Unfortunately, understanding the mechanism that allows everyone to understand things swiftly and make decisions quickly also takes some of the magic out of intuitive decisions. If you are someone who needs or just enjoys that magic, whether you call it faith, inspiration, or gut instinct, this may not be the book for you.

This book, unintentionally, also offers insight in the art of cold-reading, something many magicians and psychics do and call magic or miracle. Through this book you will discover that those claims are untrue. You will also learn some of the skills of the cold-reader for yourself while getting a glimpse of how others may see you.

This book is the follow up to The Tipping Point. Unlike the previous book, however, Blink is more interested in the internal world than the external world. If you're looking for insight into yourself, it is plentiful in this little volume.

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