The 4 Tremendous Advantages Women CPAs Make in Selling (That Men Don’t)…<b>A Guest Article by Allan Boress</b>

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This is Part Two of a two-part series. Part One "The 3 Biggest Mistakes Women CPAs Make in Selling (That Men Don't) and How to Cure Them! A Guest Article by Allan Boress" was published in October.

Powerful Advantages Women Bring to Selling

It's no mistake that the most successful commercial realtors in many large cities are women. It is my opinion having worked over 25 years as a consultant to this profession that many of the top rainmakers in our business would also be women – if the people they worked for and with gave them PERMISSION, training, guidance, SUPPORT and encouragement. Most successful salespeople are NOT born that way – they are mentored or taught and NURTURED.

You have natural gifts few men possess or exhibit – and you need to use them to your advantage in every negotiation situation.

  • Gift #1: The gift of empathy

It sounds obvious, but women just plain “care” more than men about human beings.

Men are much more interested in problem solving, winning, results and action. If we look back to the beginning of the human race, perhaps it is the separate gifts we possess that allowed our species to survive.

Since 93% of our communication is non-verbal, it is this “empathetic” behavior that creates a feeling of safety and comfortability in the eyes of the client – and allows them to lower their defenses so that the sale will be made.

  • Gift #2: The gift of proper selling

I have never seen a woman sell something to someone that they didn't need. I don't believe it is in your makeup.

Once again, this nonverbal communication of honesty is highly conducive to selling the client on your idea, project or engagement.

  • Gift #3: The gift of listening

Men and women have different communication styles. Most men are horrific listeners. Just try telling some guy about something that is bothering you and see if their eyes don't glaze over.

“My car broke down and overheated on the way to work!” says she.

“Told you to get it fixed,” says he.

Men listen to solve problems. Women listen for the benefits listening gives.

Men interrupt, jump in with all sorts of solutions, unwanted and inappropriate ideas, turning people off.

Listening also allows you to find out what the real issues are – so you can come up with the most appropriate solution – and to create the high level of chemistry to have people hire you.

  • Gift #4: The gift of being different

Although this article is primarily directed to women selling professional services, all women who sell have the wonderful advantage of being more memorable than their competitors.

There are simply less women in selling positions in the professions – or in business in general – and this can separate you from the pack, which is always a distinct advantage in the selling and marketing process.
Now You Know!

Now that you are aware of the terminal mistakes women tend to make in selling, persuading or negotiating, you can cure them. Use your God-given advantages to your benefit – and to the benefit of the client!

Allan Boress, CPA, CFE is the author of The I-Hate-Selling Course, the only training course that completely reinvented the selling process for professional service providers. Visit his website at and email him with any questions at [email protected]

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