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Taking Advantage of Automation in Accounting


We begin our series on tackling the idea that to embrace automation does not imply purely that existing manual tasks are being taken over by technology, but that tasks that were not previously possible can now become standard practice.


Jun 3rd 2021
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In this article, Right Networks' Director of Firm Technology, Roman Kepczyk, CPA answers pointed questions from firms who have struggled with getting started with, and spending on, the automation of accounting and other functions, as well as what it brings to their businesses.

Q: I’ve become more aware lately that our firm is falling behind when it comes to customer service. A lot of our client onboarding and interactions are still paper-based or not digital. I am looking for best practice advice on what the most important first steps are to take.

Roman: The first step is to step back and take a look at the information you are providing the clients, and the information that you could be providing those clients. When you talk about automation, a lot of it has to do with transformation of processes; old school processes that you’ve had in the past that worked in different ways.

The reality, today, is that a lot of these older tools have been superseded by new tools that are faster, more efficient and better integrated into the business information system. When we talk about business transformation, we have to first talk about the information that is needed to make decisions.

So, the first thing to take a look at, with your clients, is the things that are absolutely working that create efficiency. A simple example is a lot of firms have accounting systems that are on premises, and the reality is with those systems, only one person can work on that accounting product at a time. If the CPA wants to work on it with the client, it’s pretty hard because a lot of the data has to be transferred back and forth.

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