Lifestyle Lures Accountants Abroad

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The key reason accountants chose to relocate overseas is lifestyle, according to Think Global Recruitment's annual survey. Apparently, it is not an unreasonable expectation, since 94 percent of those surveyed report enjoying an improved lifestyle after relocating overseas. Other motivating factors include work experience, weather, developing language skills and money.

“Generally, ‘lifestyle' encompasses an array of aspects, ranging from quality of life and culture, to outdoor activities and social life,” Abigail Stevens, Think Global Recruitment's managing director said in a statement announcing the survey's results. “Interestingly, our survey found that although 79 percent of accountants were financially better off after relocating abroad, lifestyle rated as a significantly higher motivator for living and working overseas that financial rewards.”

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The survey also found that 91 percent of accountants surveyed thought working overseas would help their long-term career development. International experience demonstrates accountants are adaptable, a characteristic increasingly in demand for management positions. Seventy-two percent of those surveyed reported finding improved quality of work overseas.

“Only 7 percent of respondents nominated ‘money' as a factor that prompted their decision to relocate overseas, meaning it is an added bonus that international exposure often results in greater disposable income,” Stevens said.

It may result in more disposable income and improved management prospects, but it also means working and living apart from family and friends. Nonetheless, 83 percent of those surveyed report a better work/life balance after relocating and 74 percent would take another role in the same location if given the chance, according to the survey results.

“Our annual survey continues to illustrate the benefits of a career move abroad,” Stevens states. “Ninety-nine percent of surveyed accountants said they made the right decision to move overseas.”

The data for Think Global Recruitment's annual survey is collect from more than 100 accountants living abroad.

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