How to Take the Pain Out of the Accounts Payable Process

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We all know accounts payable can be a cumbersome, time-intensive process when done on paper or through ill-designed software, not to mention prone to human error, lost invoices, delayed actions, and ultimately late payments resulting in more expenses for the company.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

AP automation can be dramatically enhanced and simplified with a focus on the user experience. When software is designed with the user in mind, it can cut down on the potential for error, speed up tasks, and ultimately make the job more enjoyable. With well-designed software function and interface, AP professionals can feel better supported and more motivated in their work.

It really comes down to designing for both the professional using the software every day and the invoice reviewers and approvers, who need a quick and easy way to understand and approve payments without interrupting their workflow.

The AP Professional

If you are among the growing number of accounting professionals handling AP for your clients, you know that in order to be truly efficient, you need to sort multiple invoices at one time, access and use old invoices as a template, check for duplicates, and perform an array of other actions quickly and seamlessly. It’s an expensive process, with each manually handled invoice costing in the tens of dollars. Automation, as such, brings many benefits, including the opportunity for AP personnel to focus on value-adding work over mindless routines.

It’s important that someone working with massive amounts of invoices have a feeling of mastery, understanding, and control over their work. It’s important to automate as much of this process as possible and see the effects of that automation through notifications and reports. Then professionals can concentrate on the exceptions and invoices that need additional attention, adding value to the process.

So, how can we automate the monotonous details, help personnel understand information and invoices seamlessly, and provide true value-add to the AP process? The answer is efficient and user-friendly software.

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About Anna Tujunen

Anna Tujunen

Anna Tujunen is product lead at Dooap, an accounts payable automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX developed by Efima.


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