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How to Follow Best Tech Practices for Your Business

Sep 11th 2017
Deputy Editor AccountingWEB
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Regardless of what technology is being used today or will be used five years from now, it’s destined for failure if best practices aren’t followed, according to Jess Scheer, editor at Accountex.

No IT vendor knows your process better than you, he said at his seminar titled “Best Practices Considerations Before Investing in Technology” in Boston on Sept. 8.

Five best practices for tech preparedeness are:

  • Strategic Alignment — Identification and selection of enterprise’s best interest.
  • Ownership and Accountability — Clear and consistently defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Process Visualization — Frameworks and models of the entire end- to-end process.
  • Measurement and Controls — Measurement system to track progress and consequences.
  • Change Management — Communication and training plan for rollout and beyond. 

Using Strategic Alignment as an example, some key questions to consider include: Why are you updating your technology? What are the primary objectives?

If you are working on these objectives, does everyone agree with those objectives? Would all of the leaders in finance have the same answer? Would the leaders of each business unit have the same answer? Would those in the C-suite?

In terms of methodology, starting from the bottom (change management) to the top (strategic alignment) is most likely to result in failure, so it’s better to start from top to bottom, Scheer said.

If you follow these practices, you are likely to have a higher success rate for your work, he said.

Yet, what’s strategically important to you may not be strategically important to those work for you. When there’s a disconnect it takes a strong leader to get everyone on one page.

The best-case scenario is a strong leader delegating authority. And one way to delegate authority is to find out who would be in charge if a process broke down.

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By Yohan
Sep 11th 2017 22:38 EDT

Very nice view on the topic Dominic. I'd also add "Innovative Mindset" as a bonus. No new technology will ever be successfully implemented without having teams truly embracing it. Cheers.

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