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Andy North interviews Roman Kepczyk

How Small Firm Tech Strategy Can Mirror Large Firms

Aug 27th 2019
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Roman Kepczyk has spent 23 years working with some of the largest accounting firms in the US to help them select and implement technology. Now, as the Director of Firm Technology Strategy at Right Networks, he has turned his attention to smaller firms.

We sat down with Roman at the recent Scaling New Heights event to find out what lessons smaller firms can learn from the larger practice sector. As it turns out, there are a lot.  

The big danger for small firms, says Roman, is their habit of becoming complacent with the tech they use. It's crucial to keep up with the evolution of systems to stay ahead of the curve.  

Also, Roman notes that much of the automation and technology that smaller firms adopt are designed to make life easier for the firm itself. Unfortunately, not enough thinking is focused on the client.

Watch the video for this and a whole lot more if you want your small firm to grow like a big one!

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