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How Firms Can Fight Growing Security Threats


Roman Kepczyk, CPA, CITP, CGMA Director of Firm Technology Strategy for Right Networks is intimately familiar with what today’s firms endure when it comes to data breaches and exposure. In this article, he answers pointed questions submitted by firms around the latest threats, stability and overall security best practices.

Jun 16th 2021
Editorial Manager/US Team Lead
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As accounting firms of all sizes have become more digital and connected, it has increased their exposure to data security threats. Firewalls and on premises methods of data security are simply not enough to keep up with ever evolving security threats, so what is a small firm to do?

Here, Roman addresses a variety of firm concers and offers a few essential solutions to today's security concerns.

Q: The security threats that are out there today seem to be changing too rapidly to keep up with. We’re a small practice with limited resources, but want to do our best to protect client data. What are some first steps or best practices you recommend to offer some stability?

Roman: The first step, honestly, is realizing that you are a target whether you’re a sole practitioner or a large regional firm. Realize that hackers have syndicated and become uber-specialized, even down to the different accounting products that they go after. They realize the bigger firms probably have better security processes in place and they’re going to go for the low-hanging fruit, which would be the medium and smaller firms that don’t have IT processes in place.

We find those firms that have an external provider -- whether it’s an IT or managed security provider or have their applications in the cloud -- tend to do much better from a security perspective than those individuals and small firms that try to do it on their own. We’ve even seen many cases where small and medium-sized firms that have their own IT person basically doing all of their security are actually the ones most at risk.

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