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Excel Influencers Find the Formula for Success


With Excel content racking up billions of views on TikTok and Instagram, Gen Z social media platforms have proved an unlikely ally for accountancy’s most-used software tool.

Jul 27th 2022
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Booming baselines, gaudy graphics and extravagant dance moves might seem more in keeping with the latest music videos, but browsing social media they’re just as likely to accompany tips to clean up data from an untidy Excel table, latch spreadsheet cells together or create an automated checklist.

Welcome to the world of the Excel influencer.

Many of the most-viewed posts belong to New York native Kat Norton, who goes by the alter ego of Miss Excel. Norton is part of a growing number of Excel influencers bringing video tips to a predominantly Gen Z and millennial audiences via platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

With over a million followers across both platforms, Norton uses the social media channels as a marketing funnel for her pre-recorded spreadsheet training courses, and in a recent interview, said she regularly generates “six-figure months” in passive income off the back of this business model.

Gen Z Hungry for Excel Knowledge

If Norton’s numbers seem too good to be true, it’s worth putting them in context. TikTok claims that 60 percent of its one billion users are from the Gen Z demographic born between 1997 and 2012. With this generational cohort now moving into the workplace, it’s unsurprising they are looking for information on common office tools like Excel using platforms they’re familiar with. 

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