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Building Partnerships to Support Your Practice


The traditional “affiliate” partnerships between accountants and technology providers (which can pay you a commission) are increasing exponentially with the rise of new and improved applications.

Jul 20th 2022
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Partnerships in the accounting profession are a hot topic these days, given the rise of new and improved applications, there are more opportunities for accountants to work with these companies to help them educate other professionals, too.

A large number of these programs also offer a partner program. Affiliate partner programs, in particular, are fabulous because they don’t cost your clients anything—and they can put some extra money back to your bottom line!  Beyond these more traditional partnership opportunities, for those of us who enjoy developing our personal brands as contributors to our profession there are many ways to work with these partners by sitting on their advisory boards and providing expertise at conferences and online through content and webinars.

Although the idea of accounting profession “influencers” is relatively new and trendy, from my experience working with partners for almost two decades, I believe that the most important thing in developing these relationships is to have a solid understanding of the solutions you partner with and, in most cases, to actually use them in your firm.

This is the way that I have built my Team Brolin Starting Lineup tech stack for accounting firms and for entrepreneurs as well as the Team Brolin Playing Field (you can see them here.). These are all 100 percent based on what I believe are the best of breed solutions and the specific technology “positions” every firm needs.

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