Biometrics and Next-Gen Security for Innovative Firms

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What you may not have realized when you entered the field of accounting is that much of your success and growth will not only rely on your subject matter expertise, but how you manage technology and data security within your firm.

Only five years ago protecting your firm and your clients meant safety from things like Heartbleed in OpenSSL technology. Last year, that meant learning about the different types of cloud storage. Today, it’s about understanding the basics of biometrics identification, technology that identifies or authenticates your identity and how it will impact next-generation security.

So, why should you care about biometrics? What does that mean to you and your clients, now? Here are three critical points to consider when factoring biometrics security and its effect on the needs of your clients.

1. Biometric Authentication Isn’t Limited to Fingerprints

Apple brought the consumer application of biometric fingerprint technology into the mainstream with the release of the 2013 iPhone with Touch ID. But, you may be surprised to learn that consumer biometric security isn’t limited to identifying fingerprint patterns – new technologies are being perfected every day that incorporate hand geometry, voice pattern recognition, iris or retina recognition, facial recognition and even heart rhythms into ways to secure and access information.

Which technologies you use as a business (and which will be accessible and adopted at the consumer level) remain to be seen, but it’s worth considering how your company could adapt these new technologies in the future. 

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Thomas Schoessow

Thomas Schoessow is VP of Technology Infrastructure at AbacusNext.


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