5 Questions to Ask When Deciding Which 'Cloud' is Right for Your Firm

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By now you’ve heard enough about cloud and migration, but it’s about time we start talking about taking Technology as a Service (TaaS) to a whole new level by examining what your firm will need to consider when attempting cloud migration.

First off, you should know there are a number of different types of clouds, but the three most common for a professional service firm include Public, Private and Hybrid solutions. All cloud deployment models offer benefits, so you’ll need to determine which cloud matches the needs of your firm best.

First, let’s evaluate the different types of clouds.

  • Public: A public cloud is a standard cloud computing model in which a service provider makes resources, such as applications and storage, available to the general public over the internet. Public cloud services typically allow a large number of users from many different firms to share the same infrastructure.
  • Private: A private cloud is a type of cloud computing that delivers the cloud advantages including scalability and self-service, but through a proprietary architecture. A private cloud is dedicated to a single organization.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid cloud environment uses a mix of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud services with orchestration between two platforms.

In order to help you determine which cloud is right for your firm, here is a list of questions your firm can ask itself as you migrate to the cloud:

1. How many offices do we have? – Maybe your firm has just one office – That’s OK!  Or, maybe your firm is ready to expand into multiple locations – Go you! One thing is certain, however, in order to meet IT Disaster Recovery requirements for Payment Care Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), it’s imperative to store back-ups in a secure, preferably off-site, location. On the contrary, your firm may want to downsize and remove all IT from in-house, potentially limiting the number of offices, or floors, your firm has. In either case, a private cloud or hybrid cloud may be best for your firm in this situation.

2. How much do we spend on IT costs monthly?

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alessandra lezama

Alessandra Lezama is the CEO of AbacusNext, a software and private cloud services provider for the legal and accounting professions. 


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