5 Characteristics of a Robust Accounting Firm IT Strategy

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In my first article, we looked at three critical reasons why you need a firm IT strategy in 2018, but how can you make sure that the strategy is as effective as possible?

That’s what we will tackle in this follow up article: how accounting firms can build a powerful and robust IT strategy.

First off, are you ready to protect your data from today’s virtual thieves? Then, it’s time to develop an IT strategy that outlines technologies you’re implementing within your accounting firm and how these choices will empower your business to achieve its goals.

I must warn you that if you’re tempted to shape your IT strategy around popular buzzwords like, “disruption” and “user experience,” don’t. While they may have some influence on what goes into your strategy, these terms alone will not help you develop the IT strategy you need in order to stay competitive in 2018.

Instead, focus on more practical ideas that will make your data secure and your business efficient with these five non-negotiable attributes of a robust IT strategy:

1. Reliable Uptime

When you run a business in which your client’s financial future relies on your data, availability isn’t optional. To make sure you can deliver on your client’s needs around the clock, your cloud storage solution needs to offer an impressive uptime upwards of 99.999%.

Do the extra decimals matter? It might seem like a small difference between 99% and 99.999%, but in reality that small difference translates into several hours of downtime per month (7.3 hours, in fact). If your IT strategy isn’t built on technology that can provide that guarantee, you need to find a more competitive service. 

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