4 Tips to Go Beyond Accounting Services and Become a Value-Adding Trusted Advisor

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Accounting professionals are now in a position they have wanted to be in for a long time. With a lot of the manual processes that were previously actioned using desktop software now gone, being online creates a lot of efficiencies where accounting professionals can start to move away from the day-to-day numbers to the advisory services they and their clients have been seeking.

When I was practicing, I was part of an alliance group for large CPA firms where they brought in consultants who would work with managing partners on developing strategies in order to get these firms future-ready. This included the implementation of marketing programs and systems, and the development of value-added services within the firm.

During an alliance group presentation, a marketing consultant was educating the managing partners on potential marketing programs they could take back to their firms. Many of the partners in attendance were resisting the advice. An IT consultant in attendance raised his hand and said to the group, “I just don’t understand this industry. I have the same problem with my accountant; I want to pay him money, but he doesn’t return my calls.”

This frustration, while understandable, can be a thing of the past. Automated processes within cloud accounting software have given us back the time to return these calls.

We now have the time to actually analyze the work and help clients maintain a cashflow-positive business by being a more proactive presence in their business. We can give clients the help they need with business decisions on a real-time basis.

As an adopter of cloud accounting software and processes, you’re already asking how you can go beyond accounting services. Here are a few key steps to how you can become a value-adding trusted advisor to your clients.

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About Amy Vetter

amy vetter

Amy Vetter is a CPA.CITP, CGMA and is an accomplished c-suite executive and board member with deep experience in cloud technology and transformation, creating go-to- market (GTM) strategies to scale businesses nationally and internationally. Amy has held multiple roles in Fortune 500, startup, small company rapid growth, and is a serial entrepreneur. She is well-versed in overseeing marketing, sales, customer programs, and education. Amy is also an active member of the AICPA IMTA Executive Committee where she leads the Technology Innovations Taskforce and is an AICPA CITP Champion.



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