3 Critical Reasons Your Firm Needs an IT Strategy for 2018

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The thieves of today don’t typically break into banks or have getaway cars, they sit at a computer thousands of miles away sending attacks to get their hands on valuable client data to, in many cases, sell on the ‘Dark Web.’ As such, it’s become more important than ever to define an accounting firm IT strategy, no matter the size of your practice.

With more firms pursuing the worthwhile and groundbreaking benefits of cloud computing and storage, they become more susceptible to threats they can’t block or detect with firewalls and antivirus software.

Hence, the traditional defenses against data breach – protocols for using and storing physical devices – simply won’t protect your organization from today’s modern threats. So, in order to thoroughly protect your firm from data breach, here are three key reasons why an intentional and thoroughly researched IT strategy is a must-have for the coming year.

1. The Cloud Has Changed How We Work

According to the software security company McAfee’s recent report, “Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky: The state of cloud adoption and security,” 93% of all organizations and 99% of financial service organizations currently host or store data in the cloud.

This fundamental change in how accounting firms and their clients do business can leave your data vulnerable if you have not considered what role IT plays in your overall business strategy. The risks of locally managed, onsite servers being compromised is three-fold due to the lack of enterprise tools implemented as well as outdated systems not being maintained. A clear IT strategy will give you the information you need to put strategic planning in place and make the most of new cloud-based landscape opportunities.

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Alessandra Lezama is the CEO of AbacusNext, a software and private cloud services provider for the legal and accounting professions. 


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Jan 26th 2018 18:48

While I agree data security is of utmost importance, I'm a bit confused...When you say, "With more firms pursuing the worthwhile and groundbreaking benefits of cloud computing and storage, they become more susceptible to threats they can’t block or detect with firewalls and antivirus software.", don't the "cloud companies" have security and firewalls? Isn't that one of their major selling points?

It seem to me that what the local firm needs to protect is whatever passwords/access codes are used to access the cloud based application, which passwords and/or codes may be unknowingly buried in one's computer workstation memory/storage somehow...

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to Michael Abrams
Jan 29th 2018 23:15

Hi Michael, you're absolutely right that cloud companies should have security measures in place to deal with any potential threats. The issues I'm referring to arise when firms try to go it alone, creating their own "cloud" environments either by purchasing and configuring their own servers, or piecing together different aspects of their cloud infrastructure from different providers. Only a one stop shop that's going to take ownership of your cloud experience from beginning to end has the oversight give you true 360 degree protection.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks (1)
Dec 3rd 2018 05:41

It is already nearing 2019 and if your firm still does not have an IT strategy put in place, then you have definitely missed out on a lot. It is important to have one ready since services basically revolve around it to become efficient. We can still rely on manual intervention of your workforce but why do so when you can achieve greater results with the aide of tech advances. Lay out what you need to achieve in order to implement the upgrades you need.

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