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Building a Profitable Cash Flow Forecasting Service

As firms across the US invest in cash flow forecasting technology, the accounting profession seems to be responding to an underserved demand among small business clients.
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Jun 12th 2019
With all the confusion in today’s audit tools marketplace, the question for accounting and audit firms is whether or not to invest in...
Jun 17th 2019
How to turn automation into profit for your practice. It's hard to ignore all of the talk of automation these days. Indeed most firms have...
May 13th 2019
Audit professionals are using artificial intelligence in ways that are both expected and surprising, categorizing risk across entire...
May 9th 2019
With damages from cybercrime expected to top $6 trillion by 2021 , no organization is immune. It is no longer a matter of if, but when your...
Lady working on computer talking to client
Mar 13th 2019