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Vanishing Excel Features and How to Handle Them

Oct 31st 2017
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Excel users that subscribe to Microsoft's Office 365 platform have the benefit of being on the vanguard of new features that are being added in Excel, yet there's a rough edge to being on the front lines of advances in Excel; certain features are vanishing.

In this article I'll describe the phenomenon and show you how to add these features back…for now at least.

First, let me help you determine if you're even subject to vanishing features in Excel:

  • If you're using Excel 2013 and earlier, your version of Excel isn't subject to change
  • If you're using a perpetual license for Excel 2016, your version of Excel isn't subject to change.
  • If you're using an Office 365 version of Excel 2016, your version of Excel may not have changed yet, but could soon if Microsoft pushes out a new Excel build to your computer. Figure 1 shows how to determine if you're using Office 365.

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