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Three Ways to Create Bulleted Lists in Microsoft Excel

Jun 29th 2016
Spreadsheets and graphs on a desk

You’ve likely used the Bullets command in Microsoft Word to create a bulleted list of items, but you may not realize that it’s possible to create such lists in Excel as well.

In this article, I’ll compare using text boxes versus using a number pad trick to create in-cell bullet symbols. I find that many users rely on merged cells within a spreadsheet to store a paragraph or more of text, but personally, I find text boxes are far superior for this purpose.

Let’s first create a text box, as shown in Figure 1:

  1. Activate Excel’s Insert menu.
  2. Click Text Box in the Text section.
  3. Hold down your left mouse button and draw a rectangle on your worksheet.
  4. Once you release the mouse, you can type in the text box in the same fashion as you would a Word document or email message.

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By [email protected]
May 8th 2018 09:20

great read. Excel is indeed a powerful tool but we at times are not utilising it to the fullest.

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