Recovering Unsaved Excel Workbooks

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It's every spreadsheet user's worst nightmare – you've worked on a workbook for a period of time, and then accidentally close it without saving. Or the power goes out, or Excel crashes . . . the list of spreadsheet hazards goes on and on.

If you're using Excel 2010 or later, there's a pretty good chance you can mitigate much – but not all – of the risk related to unsaved workbooks. Regardless, in any version of Excel, you can raise the odds of having a recovered copy of your work available after a software crash. As shown in Figure 1, Excel has long had an AutoRecover feature that's designed to help you recover unsaved workbooks should Excel crash.

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Mar 19th 2017 20:07

I am using a mac computer. There is no info option on the dropdown menu. any suggestions?

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By lms458
Mar 31st 2017 14:07

I still can't find my document, even after following the above steps.

I had to have closed the document without saving, therefore, there isn't a previous version to reference.

Any other suggestions?

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By korkmaz
Apr 13th 2017 05:26

Hi. I have been using an excel file that I have created 5 years ago. I actually have back up copy belongs to March 9th which is over a month and I have made lots of changes on this excel work book.
Today, while it was plugged to laptop, I turned laptop off. When I came home, I opened laptop and file was open. I wasnt sure If I saved it. So I did ctrl+s and removed flash disk to plug my other laptop which connected tv. However, that excel file is lost. I did recuva, easeUS and tried some other receover, cant see. Office version I have is 2007.
I will be appriciate if anyone can help.
When I try to open file from recent files, its says there is no files on this name.
Could not find file, name changed or ............

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