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ExcelR8 - Win your war against the numbers

‘Neuro-Energizer’ Drink Adds Pep to Excel Tasks


When it comes to quirk, nobody does it better than the British, who claim to have pioneered a “pre-worksheet neuro-energiser” drink called ExcelR8


Apr 1st 2022
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News reaches us from across the Atlantic of an innovative "neuro-tonic" designed to fuel more effective Excel spreadsheet use.

Aimed squarely at the accountant market, this beverage claims to fuel numerical acuity with ingredients that include all the iron you need for nearly two weeks.  Claiming to be the only business liquid currently on the market containing powerful essence extracts devised by globally respected neuro numerological scientists, ExcelR8 comes in flavours that include Klassik Kouros + Mint Pickle; Golden Nuggets + Lemon Dip Dab Explosion; and Spicy Orange Broccoli Cream Fusion.

Powers of Concentration

“We noticed a considerable increase in focus and concentration when it came to numerical work of any kind, but especially spreadsheets,” wrote one independent reviewer. “ExcelR8 has set a bold new standard in the crowded accountancy beverage market. The intense power of this drink has to be tasted to be believed.”

But how well does ExcelR8 travel? AccountingWEB shared some of the brain-enhancing beverage with our trusted Excel tutorial author David H. Ringstrom, CPA.

“I took a sip of Excel R8, but I could immediately tell that it lacks the flame retardant properties that Mountain Dew's brominated vegetable oil affords me,” was his verdict. “I type so fast that I need extra protection should my keyboard turn ablaze. Besides that, you seriously want me to convert to Excel R8? I already went through that already with Lotus 1-2-3. Haven't I sacrificed enough in this lifetime?” 

An accompanying video (see below) spells out how ExcelR8 can increase concentration, enhance numerical acuity and optimise worksheet performance.

Let us know by commenting below whether you’re convinced, or like David Ringstrom, if you remain an ExcelR8 sceptic.


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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
Apr 4th 2022 09:53 EDT

David Ringstrom and his community really got their teeth into this product. Their background research came up with some interesting info on the potential ingredients which they found here:

... "a specially formulated blend to provide natural GMO-free omega 3 and vitamin E to your performance livestock"

That'll certainly put some hair on your spreadsheet chest!

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