Introducing the AccountingWEBinar Series

Apr 17th 2009
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AccountingWEB is pleased to announce a series of live webinars aimed squarely at the needs of CPAs in public and private practice. This wide-ranging series will cover the following topics:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Access
  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Sage Peachtree Accounting

Each webinar will involve a 50 minute presentation by AccountingWEB staff writer David H. Ringstrom, CPA. At the end of each session you'll be able to ask David any questions about the preceding topic. The webinar series is powered by GoToWebinar, and you'll have full audio access via your computer speakers or by calling a toll number. Each webinar is priced at $79, with significant discounts available if you sign up for multiple webinars. AccountingWEB has applied for NASBA certification, which will allow these webinars to count as continuing professional education in all 50 states. However, most states don't require NASBA approval, so you may already be able to count these webinars as CPE prior to NASBA's approval.

All sessions are from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Eastern. The 2009 Webinar series will consist of the following topics:

  • Creating Error Proof Spreadsheets: Learn ways to minimize errors in your spreadsheets. (Thursday, April 23)
  • Excel Speed Tips: Learn numerous expert level tricks that will enable to you save significant time. This fast paced session is all about helping you using Excel faster. (Tuesday, April 28)
  • Mastering Excel Pivot Tables: Learn how to prepare and then analyze data using one of Excel's most powerful features. (Tuesday, May 12)
  • SQL for Excel Users: Learn how to use Microsoft Query and simple SQL statements to filter and sort data that you extract from just about any source, including accounting software exports, Microsoft Access databases, and other sources. (Tuesday, May 19)
  • Excel 2007: Filtering and Formatting Data: Get the lowdown on all of the new ways that Excel 2007 users can analyze data, including conditional formatting; data bars; color scales; icon sets, and tricks like using SUBTOTAL to create on the fly totals. (Thursday, June 4)
  • Easing the Transition to Excel 2007: This session will help anyone currently using Excel 2003 or an earlier version get up and running quickly in the new Excel 2007 user interface. Existing Excel 2007 users will learn a few tricks they may have missed previously. (Thursday, June 11)
  • Automating Excel-based Financial Statements: Use overlooked functions like OFFSET and INDIRECT to create financial statements dynamically compute YTD totals or summarize data from other worksheets without requiring tedious formulas. (Thursday, June 18)
  • Beyond VLOOKUP: Mastering Advanced Excel Formulas: Look-up formulas are far superior to manually pointing to specific data elements in a spreadsheet. Many users rely on VLOOKUP to return data from other locations in a worksheet, but is that the most efficient approach? This session will explore alternatives like MATCH/INDEX, SUMIF, COUNTIF, as well as using SUMPRODUCT to look up values based on multiple criteria. (Thursday, June 25)
  • Beyond QuickBooks Reports: 10 Simple Excel Strategies Learn how to overcome limitations of QuickBooks internal reports, such as combining two reports into one, as well as creating pivot tables from QuickBooks data. (Thursday, July 9)
  • Importing and Exporting Data from QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting: Learn about tools and techniques that enable you to export data from these two accounting packages, and then analyze the data in Microsoft Excel or Access. Also learn the basics about importing lists and transactions into both programs. (Tuesday, August 11)
  • Beyond Excel: A CPA's Introduction to Access 2007: This interactive webinar will provide an introduction to Access 2007 for CPAs that have mostly worked in Excel by way of building a simple timekeeping database from scratch. (Tuesday, August 18)
  • Outlook Secrets for CPAs: You spend a large amount of your day in Outlook, so make sure that you know all of the tips and tricks to use it as efficiently as possible. (Tuesday, August 25)
  • Word Secrets for CPAs: You've likely mastered Excel, and yet you muddle your way through word processing tasks mdash; learn techniques that enable you to use Word at the same high level as you use Excel. (Tuesday, September 15)
  • Introduction to XML and XBRL: Learn why XML is shouldering its way to the top as the ideal data format, and how XBRL is becoming the defacto standard for accounting reports. (Tuesday, September 22)
  • Introduction to Excel Macros: This session will provide help you get started with the most powerful feature in Excel by far, Visual Basic for Applications. Master the macro recorder, and then get a list of recommended resources to further your knowledge. (Tuesday, September 29)

Significant discounts are available if you sign up for multiple sessions. You may also wish to consider the $499 season pass which grants you access to every webinar. Attendance certificates will be provided to each registered attendee. Questions? Contact Rob Nance or David Ringstrom.


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