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Excel Tip: Change Excel Default Settings

Jul 27th 2000
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If you find that every time you create an Excel worksheet you need to change settings, such as margin, number format, typeface, footer, column width, etc., and these changes are the same for each of your worksheets, you may want to simply make changes in the new worksheet defaults.

To create new default settings in Excel, follow these steps:

  • 1. Open a blank workbook.
  • 2. Without entering information in the cells, make all the formatting adjustments that you want to incorporate into your future workbooks.
  • 3. Choose File, Save. The Save As window will appear.
  • 4. Enter Book as the name of this file.
  • 5. Change the Save in location to the XLStart folder, which is a subfolder of the Excel folder. The location of the Excel folder will vary depending on the way in which your Excel program was installed. If you use Excel on a network, there will be an XLStart folder on your hard drive and also one on your network. Check with your network administrator before saving a file to the network folder.
  • 6. In the Save as type area of the Save as window, choose Template.
  • 7. Click the Save button.

From this point forward, each time you open a new workbook in Excel, the workbook will incorporate your chosen default settings.

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