DaaS joins SaaS and PaaS as latest buzzword

Jan 24th 2008
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Software as a Service provider is adding another string to its bow in the form of Development as a Service.

First there was SaaS; then there was PaaS; now it's DaaS that's being pushed by

Development as a Service is being touted as part of the firm's wider Platform as a Service initiative. DaaS essentially is a set of development tools and API that can be used to development applications that run on the cloud under the PaaS model., which is accessed via broadband over the Internet, provides a global infrastructure and services for database, logic, workflow, integration, user interface, application development and application exchange.

It includes the new IDE, Metadata API, Code Share, and Sandbox systems. These provide developers with a comprehensive set of services to build enterprise software as a service applications.

A new PaaS pricing model has an "occasional use" option for corporate applications most employees only use on a sporadic basis, such as an application to schedule vacations. The "list" price of the service is $5 per login, with a requirement that companies purchase 5 logins per named user, which are good for one month. The cloud pricing is for occasional-use, widely-deployed applications. If a larger number of logins are needed, pricing begins at $50 per user per month for unlimited logins.

The new offering does not include or cover CRM applications...

"Cloud computing is giving developers around the world access to unlimited computing power delivered completely as a utility service," said Marc Benioff, CEO at "Just as platform as a service provides enterprise IT with a new model for platforms to run applications in the cloud, development as a service provides a new model for development tools, giving developers the power to create applications for the cloud.

"Cloud computing, or PaaS, has enormous potential for the enterprise. Cloud computing offers almost unlimited computing power and collaboration at a massive scale. With PaaS, we are providing the necessary building blocks to make cloud computing real for the enterprise."

New tools is also rolling out tools for developers: Development as a Service. These tools complement the company's Sandbox on-demand application environment for development and testing and include:

  • Metadata API which lets developers create and manage the code and metadata used to build applications. It can be integrated with development tools and processes similar to the way the API integrates with existing applications and system.
  • IDE which is built on Eclipse, the integrated development environment and manages standard development tasks, such as project views, HTML composition, and rich code editing with error-tracking.
  • Code Share which integrates with most standards-based source control management systems, including Google's, allows developers to collaborate on their applications. Developers can store the definitions of their applications in source control, and deploy those applications in either Sandbox or production environments.

More than 50,000 custom applications have been developed with, such as accounts receivable, bug enhancement tracking, employee compliance and training, emergency room staffing, expense reporting, food ingredient management, recruiting and time management.

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