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AccountingWEB's Top Five Excel Tips From 2013

Dec 31st 2013
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What do accountants count on most to do their jobs well? Yes, coffee is a good answer. No, I'm not thinking of booze.

If you eliminate any and all kinds of medicating, the smart money is on Microsoft Excel. And the most frustrating thing about Excel is, you can never know enough about it. There's always another trick, another method that requires one less click, or another key shortcut (my favorite!), that makes your Excel experience that much more enjoyable.

Our resident spreadsheet wizard, David Ringstrom, has more tricks than a Las Vegas magician and we've dug up five of his most popular from the past year. It'll help you re-remember the Excel tips from 2013 that made you love spreadsheets all over again. At least for a minute, anyway.  

#5: How to Resolve #VALUE! Errors in Microsoft Excel

There are numerous ways #VALUE errors can thwart your simple spreadsheet. Use these handy tips to track down the culprits.

#4: How to Identify Duplicate Values in an Excel List

If you're looking for duplicate numbers in an Excel worksheet that has somewhere between 100 and umpteenthousandth rows, you'll want to read this post.

#3: How to Insert Rows and Columns with Ease

In a year full of practical Excel tips, this may be the practical-iest.

#2: How to Fill Blank Cells within Excel Spreadsheets

The best thing about this Excel tip is that it gives three options. And who doesn't love options?

 #1: How to Recover Unsaved Excel Workbooks

Even if you've programmed your fingers to reach for Crtl+S every 10 minutes, the possibility remains that workbooks vanish from your screen unsaved. David's post from last March has undoubtedly brought down the computer homicide rate.