Workers Do Benefit From The Web

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A recent study found that employees who use the Internet during work are likely to be more productive, produce higher quality work, and be happier with their jobs. The results of this survey are based on feedback and responses from over 1000 employees.

Below is an overview of the results of the survey:

  • 86% of employees said that using the Web has no negative effect on their jobs whatsoever.
  • 46% said that the Internet helps them be more productive and better informed. They gather information easier and more efficiently by using the Web.
  • 74% said that they are more likely to report an increase in their productivity from using the Web.
  • 56% of respondents cite improvement in their quantity and quality of work because they use the Web.
  • 28% said that using the Internet makes them happier or less stressed during the workday.

It is important for today's businesses to provide some form of access to the Internet to employees. As long as your organization has some general guidelines on usage and manages employees well, the Internet can provide a wealth of information and make you, your employees, and your organization more efficient and productive.

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