Will it be a Palm Christmas?

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As the holiday season approaches palm manufacturers prepare for the already booming market to continue growing. International Data Corp. expects a 55.9% expansion in the world of personal digital assistants (PDA) this year.

In the course of this competition, the consumer wins out. If you're in the market to stuff stockings with PDAs you'll find lower prices, more extra bells and whistles to choose from, (visor plug-in modules: cell phones, digital camera and MP3 player just to name a few) along with more memory and faster processors.

So far it looks like Palm is leading the sales pack with Handspring and Casio in a distant second and third place. Expect to see ad campaigns focused on young consumers and females with such catchy phrases as Handspring's “Visor Is” and Microsoft's “Can your Palm do that?”

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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