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Will Desktop Users Get More App Love?

Jun 24th 2019
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Let’s face it, since the advent of cloud accounting, app makers have nearly fallen over themselves to build add-ons to the increasingly popular platform.  So where has this left the multitude of desktop users?

While it’s true the app eco-system around QuickBooks Online and other cloud-based accounting software continues to explode, you should know there is a secondary, albeit significantly smaller, cohort of apps that will also work with the desktop.

Users of on-premises software (even in the hosted world) have for some time complained that they are left out when it comes to the most exciting and cutting edge add-ons (such as Hubdoc, Salesforce, Receipt Bank or Square)  which only integrate with cloud-accounting products, but that could be set to change.

For example, QuickBooks hosting specialist Right Networks recently unveiled the fruits of their recent acquisition of Autofy - something they’re calling ‘Always on.’ This offers 24x7 synchronization between desktop and third-party apps that previously only shared data when a user was logged into that specific company file (and the 3rd party app is requesting the sync). Therefore, mobile workers can use advanced inventory management and time tracking apps remotely with real time sync to QuickBooks in real time.

But the kicker is the fact that this opens up the entire QB ecosystem.  

As a regular on the conference circuit I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen the crushed look of an accountant who just found out that the app they fell in love with isn’t going to work for their desktop-based clients. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of that.

Autofy is available for use as part of the ‘better’ and ‘best’ solutions that Right Networks currently offer that include hosting beyond the basic desktop. Users are urged to contact Right Networks support to add Autofy to their existing QuickBooks account.

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