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App Showdown

What’s the Next Killer Accounting App?

Nov 7th 2018
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Call it fueling your own ecosystem or a better way to incubate the next killer accounting app, but having a contest to build and grow applications has its merits.

Intuit’s $100K App Showdown contest is that very vehicle for many business and accounting app makers (largely already in the QuickBooks ecosystem) to have their day in the sun and some serious capital for marketing and development. This year that honor went to G1VE, a registered public benefit corporation that developed a new way for businesses to easily donate to their choice of leading accredited charities in a 100 percent tax-deductible way.

As part of the contest, each app developer that makes the finals receives a booth at QuickBooks Connect and six months of post-event marketing. For the last month, accountants, small businesses and app partners have voted in the contest. 

While the votes kept rolling in, Intuit judged all entered apps on their quality of integration, level of innovation, market impact, numbers of connections and five star reviews. That score was combined with their total community votes, and the top ten apps were selected. Each finalist also received approximately three minutes of stage time during the QuickBooks Connect event to “pitch” their app to the audience, who also get to give some final votes.

The other 2018 $100K App Showdown finalists were: 

  • Chaser: Gets invoices paid sooner to save over seven hours a week on accounts receivable.
  • A conversational analytics and reporting tool that does your data 'dirty work.'
  • Flowless: Allows you to build your own applications around QuickBooks events.
  • LeaseMate: Automates your lease accounting.
  • Payments Powered by Bolt: Enables online invoice payments via Stripe, PayPal + more.
  • PayPie: Cash flow forecasting and risk assessment to improve your finances.
  • Penny: Helps automate, control and monitor business and travel expenses.
  • Printavo: Simple shop management software.
  • SnapDsk: Collects QuickBooks customer info from anywhere.

Two of the finalists went from hack to app in less than a year.

Here G1VE founder Regis Malloy explains what was top of mind for him and his team when they developed the app:

Here Malloy offers advice to other non-tech savvy developers, like accounting professionals:

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