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Grand Rapids, MI - Greatland Corporation and Nelco announce the launch of a web site creation product, developed specifically for accounting professionals. Cytax Sitebuilder allows accounting professionals to build their own business web site completely online. Step-by-step instructions on Cytax guide an accountant through site set up. Cytax is designed for novice Internet users with little knowledge of HTML or similar web expertise. It includes the ability to write unique content, import graphics and photographs or use professional photography from an Image Gallery, and add unique pages to a site. Additional features include financial calculators, a Client Tax Organizer, editable tax newsletters, e-mail service, and site templates.

"Cytax Sitebuilder is a very robust and versatile web site creation tool. No longer will CPAs, accountants and tax preparers be at the mercy of small web shops to implement changes and update their sites. Professional web sites with company logos, photos and graphics, can be created in minutes," stated Greg Palmer, Greatland Internet Marketing Manager. Palmer also mentioned that Cytax has an aggressive development schedule that will bring accountants closer to their clients with several significant enhancements. Cytax Sitebuilder is designed to be the first phase in a complete customer relationship management system.

Greatland and Nelco develop products for the accounting industry, financial institutions, and small businesses nationwide, including tax forms, electronic tax filing software, electronic forms and instructions, MICR check writing software, and additional accounting software development tools. For more information about Cytax Sitebuilder, contact Greg Palmer, Internet Marketing Manager for Greatland Corporation.

Greatland Corporation
2480 Walker Ave., NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-1157

Contact: Greg Palmer
Greatland Corporation
[email protected]


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