Warning! New Worm Detected

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You just thought the love bug was a thorn in your side. Overnight, cyber criminals have rewritten the "I Love You" virus and generated many new mutations of what is now being classified as a worm. The new classification comes from its ability to replicate itself.

News reports indicated that a new virus called, "Joke," closely followed the "I Love You" virus, but today, there are reports that two new worms are in distribution. They are "Mother's Day Order Confirmation" and "Susitikim." If either of these words appear in your subject line, delete the email immediately.

According to Risto Siilasmaa, president and CEO of F-Secure in Finland, copycats are using the underlying code to create new variants. The code is written in Visual Basic which allows programmers to automate certain functions through Windows.

Immunizing against this type of attack means turning off the script recognizing features in Windows OS computers, Siilasmaa said.

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