Tutorial #QB9-14: Paying Tax on Form 941

Mar 4th 2011
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Intro: For 941 is the quarterly tax form you use to pay the federal tax you withheld from employees, along with the employer share of Social Security and Medicare taxes. You can prepare your quarterly payroll tax form, Form 941, right from your QuickBooks program.

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Step 1: Open 941 Form
Choose Employees, Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s, Process Payroll Forms, from the QuickBooks menu. In the Select Form Type window that appears, choose the option for Federal Forms, and then click OK.

When the Select Payroll Form window appears, choose Quarterly Form 941/Schedule B. Indicate the Quarter for which you are filing, and then click OK.

Step 2: Answer Form 941 Question
If you are required to file Schedule B with your Form 941, check the "Yes" box. Otherwise, check the "No" box.

Enter the state code for the state where you are required to make deposits.

Check the appropriate box indicating if you are a seasonal employer.

Click Next when you have finished answering these questions.

Step 3: Verify Information on Form 941
On Line 1 of Part 1 on Form 941, verify the number of employees who were on your payro9ll on the 12th day of the quarter for which you are preparing this form. Then, proceed through the form, verifying that the numbers on Form 941, as calculated by QuickBooks, are correct.

Note: If you detect any mistakes in these numbers, go back to your QuickBooks program and make changes to the numbers in the program. Then return to Form 941 to see that your corrections are in place.

Step 4: Choose Method for Overpayment
If there is an overpayment of your taxes, check the box on the bottom of Form 941 to indicate if you want the overpayment refunded to you or credited to your next tax return.

Step 5: Finish Form 941
Click Next when you have verified all of the information on the form. If you are required to file Schedule B, that schedule will now appear. Verify the amounts on Schedule B and then click Next.

Step 6: Save, Print, or Submit
Choose between the following options:

Save as PDF: This option saves your form in a PDF format so that information on the form cannot be changed.

Print for Your Records: This option saves sends your form directly to the printer.

Check for Errors: Click this button if you want QuickBooks to run a final recalculation on your form.

Submit Form: Choose this option if you are signed up to e-file your Form 941. You will also receive a notice to print a copy of the form for your records.

Step 7: Final Step
Now that the form is complete, click the Save and Close button to save your form and close the screen.


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By Linda
Jun 25th 2015 20:11 EDT

I file on paper. I completed and printed my 941 and QB saved a pdf copy. Now I realize I made an error and want to correct it. How can I get back into the 941 form??

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