Tutorial #QB9-13: Create Payroll Reports

Mar 4th 2011
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Intro: QuickBooks gives you several options when it comes to reports you can use to view, summarize, and analyze your payroll activity.

Step 1: Examine List of Available Reports
Choose Reports, Employees & Payroll from the QuickBooks menu. A list of all available payroll reports appears.

Step 2: Select a Report
Click on the name of a report to open that report. For example, choose Payroll Summary from the menu and the Payroll Summary report appears.

Step 3: Customize the Report
For any report you have chosen, select the dates that you want the report to cover. If the Columns option appears, you can choose which columns should appear on the report. You might need to click the Refresh button for your changes to be implemented.

Step 4: View the Entire Report
Many of the QuickBooks reports extend beyond the height or width of your computer screen. Drag the scroll bars to see the entire report on your screen. Alternatively, you can click the Print button at the top of any report to print out a hard copy of the report.


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