Tutorial #QB9-1: Setting Payroll and Employee Preferences

Mar 4th 2011
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Intro: Before you use any of the QuickBooks payroll services, you must set up your program to perform payroll tasks. When setting up payroll preferences, you turn on access to the payroll features, choose printing and reporting options, and create default settings for your employees.

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Step 1: Open the Preferences Window
Choose Edit, Preferences from the QuickBooks menu. Click the Payroll & Employees icon on the left side of the window. Click the Company Preferences tab.

Step 2: Choose Payroll Carryforward Options
See the checkboxes that appear in the middle of the Company Preferences tab. Check any of the boxes that relate to your payroll process. These options results in information being carried forward from a prior paycheck to the next paycheck, saving you time in processing.

Step 3: Choose Other Payroll Options
Click Complete Payroll Customers if you are using the outsourced payroll option provided by QuickBooks. Regardless of whether you choose the outsourced option or not, continue to the checkboxes and check "Copy Earnings Details From Previous Paycheck" and "Recall Quantity Field on Paychecks" and "Recall Hour Field on Paychecks." Checking these boxes makes QuickBooks carry forward information from prior paychecks

Step 4: Choose Sort Option
Choose whether to sort paychecks by first name or last name.

Step 5: Complete Payroll Options
Check "Mark New Employees as Sales Reps" if you want QuickBooks to add any new employees to your sales rep list. Check "Display Employee Social Security Numbers in Headers on Reports" to have Social Security numbers appear at the top of your payroll reports.


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