Tutorial #QB7-7: Restore Backed Up Data

Mar 1st 2011
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Intro: The nightmare has occurred - your computer crashed, taking your QuickBooks company file along with it. But never fear! You backed up your company file. Now all you have to do is re-install QuickBooks and restore your backed up company file. Once you have installed your QuickBooks program, here are the steps to follow to restore your company data.

Step 1: Open Restore Window
Open the File menu and choose Open or Restore Company. The "Open or Restore Company" window will appear.

Step 2: Tell QuickBooks You want to Restore
Pick the option to Restore a Backup Copy. Click Next to continue.

Step 3: Indicate Location of Backup File
Choose between Local Backup and Online Backup. For this example, we are restoring from a local drive, so pick Local Backup. Click Next.

Step 4: Choose Location
For restoring from a Local Backup, in the Look In area of the Open Backup Copy window, enter the drive and folder where your QuickBooks company file has been saved.

Step 5: Enter File Name
Enter the name you assigned to your back up file in the File name area, or click on the file name which should appear on the list in the middle of the window.

Step 6: Execute the Restore
Click the Open button and then click Next after reading the QuickBooks spiel about where you should restore your file. Click Save in the next window and the restoration process begins.

Step 7: Confirm Restoration
If a file of the same name as the one you choose already exists on your computer, you will be asked if you want to replace the file on your computer with the backed up version of the file. You will be required to type "yes" in a confirmation field before the restoration can occur. Click OK after you enter "yes."

Step 8: Clear Window
An information window will appear telling you that your restoration has occurred successfully. Click OK to clear this window.


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