Tips for E-mail When Traveling Abroad

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All of us who travel and check e-mail on a regular basis have encountered poor connections--or perhaps no connection at all--in remote locations. This can put the kabosh on even the most experience traveler!

Traveling overseas may be even more tenuous. Phone systems in Europe and Asia aren't necessarily up to the standard in North America, so accessing a line to check e-mail may be a bear all the way around.

Here are three tips for remote e-mail:

  • Plan ahead by calling the hotel or location and asking if phones are compatible with systems we have in the United States with "RJ-11" capabilities. If not, plan to bring an adapter with you. Also find out if the system is digital or analog. You may need to bring a digital-compatible modem along, otherwise, you may damage your system.

  • Write down local access numbers so that you can have the numbers handy once you reach your destination.

  • Figure out how to deactivate the local dial tone so that your modem won't be confused with a foreign tone.

    If these tips don't work, ask for help at the hotel desk. Certainly, travelers with similar needs have set foot in remote locations prior to your visit; hotel personnel should be familiar with alternative suggestions, like a local cybercafe.

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